Four Iowa City IA Attractions That Are A Lot Of Fun

Do you know the capital city of Iowa? It’s easy to get cities confused for some states. Take for instance the fact that Iowa City is not the capital city in Iowa. It’s Des Moines, and to boot, Iowa City is only the 5th largest in the state. Yet it’s such a great city, and you’re going to find out that it was at one time the capital city. In fact, one of the best attractions to visit in Iowa City IA is the Old Capitol Museum.

The Old Capitol Museum is located at 21 Old Capitol at the University of Iowa. According to reviews, it’s quite the beautiful place and has some secrets. The staff is said to be friendly, and you will learn a lot about Iowa history. The museum isn’t just located on campus, but it puts you right in the thick of things. So it would be a good way to see University of Iowa in general, too.

The Devonian Fossil Gorge is a popular Iowa City attraction as well. You get to learn about the forming of the gorge, and you get to see sample fossils as well. There are walking trails that you can enjoy, and people say you can expect to spend about 1-2 hours while you’re there. There is a playground there as well, along with a beach and people talk about playing frisbee golf. The beach you would be visiting is Sugarbottom Beach.

You can catch some great shows at Englert Theater. There is one review I noticed talking about a Kevin Smith show there, which interested me because he was part of the duo Jay and Silent Bob in the 90’s movies. This theater is located at 221 East Washington Street, and people mention concerts and all kinds of shows. The theater is like a step back in time, and it is said to be quite lovely, a multipurpose venue.

Wilson Orchard is located at 2924 Orchard Lane NE. This apple orchard is said to be quite fun. You get to ride on a hay wagon over to the orchard, and there are products to buy if you like as well. You get to go apple picking, too, and people say there is great food to eat.

Talk about some interesting experiences awaiting you in Iowa City. That’s quite a lot to do already, and there are many more attractions to explore. Join me next time to take a closer look at four more interesting things to do in Iowa City IA.